SFX-IT - Swedish for programmers

Study Swedish as a second language combined with professional Swedish at SFX-IT in Tyresö.


SFX-IT for programmers is a flexible solution regardless of your level of proficiency in the Swedish language and how you want to study. You can choose to study up to 6 study periods, which corresponds to one and a half years. If you complete SVA grund within this time, you have the opportunity to study SVA at a high school level.

The purpose of the education is to enable you, as a programmer from another country, to quickly learn Swedish and become available in the job market. It is also a good solution for you who already have a job as a programmer but need to learn Swedish to continue working in Sweden.

How do you study?

The education is provided remotely in a virtual classroom and corresponds to full-time studies. You also work independently according to a study plan based on the course you are taking and continuously submit assignments. All communication takes place via Google Classroom and email. Some exams, including national exams, are held on-site at the school in Tyresö.

At SFX-IT, you can choose between two different study forms:

  1. SFX-IT Remote (remote teaching during daytime)
    The education is provided remotely in a virtual classroom with remote lessons during the daytime.
  2. SFX-IT Evening (remote teaching in the evening)
    The education is provided remotely in a virtual classroom with one remote lesson per week in the evening.

Who can apply?

You, who have programming skills, such as a Bachelor's or Master's degree or other certification in a programming-oriented IT subject. Proficiency in English. You should not have completed SVA grundläggande delkurs 4.

How do I apply?

You apply online. Fill out and print the application and submit it to the SFI center or Komvux center in your home municipality, along with a copy of your grades in SFI/SVA and your IT/programming skills.

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Notice of interest - if you don't have Bank ID

Mandatory courses:

  • Swedish as a second language with an IT focus from SFI C - SVA grund
    You start at the current knowledge level. In addition to providing a linguistic foundation, Swedish is adapted to be IT-oriented. The teaching aims to build concepts and a language that are linked to the IT and tech industry in Sweden. The courses are completed with grades.
  • Orientation course
    In this course, you will focus on validating your programming skills by examining what the Swedish job market looks like when it comes to programming. You will investigate the needs for working as a programmer in Sweden and create a programming project based on your own skills that meets those needs. This is to practice professional Swedish in conjunction with practical programming and to have a better understanding of the job market in IT and tech in Sweden.

Optional courses:

  • Programming 1 and 2
  • Web development 1 and 2

In addition to these, we also offer:

  • CV construction
  • Preparation for job interviews
  • We continuously work to invite guest lecturers and participate in various events with a focus on jobs in IT.

Notice of interest - if you don't have Bank ID


Louise Hermansson
Phone: 08-578 275 09
Email: sfxit@tyreso.se

Next start:

August 5, 2024
October 14, 2024

Application deadline:

July 8, 2024
September 15, 2024

Course length:

Up to 60 weeks of education, depending on the starting level (study breaks during the summer)

Financial support:

This course allows financial support from CSN with 50 % when you study at SFI level and with 100 % thereafter.


Experience within programming. Knowledge in English.


Grades and certificates will be given after passing courses within SFX-IT


Free of charge. Course material is included.

About SFX-IT:

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Last updated: 7 May 2024