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Swedish for Vocationally trained Professionals, SFX, is a collaboration between all municipalities in Stockholm County, the member organization Storsthlm representing the municipalities, and the County Administrative Board of Stockholm.


SFX - Swedish for Vocationally trained Professionals - is Swedish teaching with a focus on occupational language. The purpose is to expedite the time to employment or entrepreneurship for those who don't have Swedish as their native language but have an education within a professional field. Currently, courses are available for ten different professional areas. The courses are free for you as a student and are funded by your home municipality.

At SFX, you study Swedish with an emphasis on professional language and orientation courses that provide necessary knowledge for you to understand how each profession operates in Sweden. SFX also offers you the opportunity to supplement your education for Swedish conditions at a higher education or high school level.

Anyone living in Stockholm County can apply for an SFX education, either as a means to get into the workforce more quickly or as a foundation for further studies.

For those coming from Ukraine, you now have the opportunity to apply for three of the SFX educations in the Stockholm region, two in Tyresö and one in Järfälla.

At C3L Tyresö Komvux, we offer the following SFX educations:

In Järfälla:

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In Swedish:

In English:

In Arabic:

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